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New Metrum Institute Training Courses: Bayesian Methods, R for Pharmacometrics, NONMEM (R) Introductory and Intermediate

From: Gastonguay, Marc <marcg>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 13:18:32 -0400

A few openings remain for upcoming pharmacometrics training courses
at Metrum Institute* (see
for registration and complete course outlines):

Introduction to Bayesian PK-PD Modeling and Simulation
This 3-day on-site course provides an introduction to Bayesian
modeling and the practical use of WinBUGS and R for PK-PD applications.

Experience with PK-PD modeling, as well as some familiarity with
nonlinear regression, mixed-effects modeling, and R (or S-Plus) is

Dates: June 6 - 8, 2007

Location: Tariffville, CT

Population PK-PD Modeling & Simulation Series

Part One: Basic Concepts and Skills with NONMEM®
The first part of this series offers an introduction to nonlinear
regression and nonlinear mixed effects models. Topics include the
maximum likelihood method for individual and population models,
implementation of these methods in NONMEM®, data requirements and
format for NM-TRAN, individual and population PK modeling and
analysis of covariate effects. Hands-on examples are used to
illustrate each of these topics.

Introduction to R course (below) or equivalent experience/proficiency
A basic understanding of PK, PD models, and some experience with
linear/nonlinear regression is recommended.

Dates: June 11 -12, 2007
Location: Tariffville, CT

Part Two: Intermediate Continuous & Categorical PK-PD Topics
The second part of our modeling and simulation series focuses on PK-
PD relationships and the simultaneous analysis of multiple endpoints, =

including direct and indirect continuous PK-PD models, parent-
metabolite and parent-metabolite urine data analysis, and models for
categorical PD endpoints.

Completion of Part One: Basic Concepts and Skills with NONMEM® (see =

above) or equivalent work-related experience/proficiency with NONMEM® =

and R or (S-PLUS).

Dates: May 8 - July 18, 2007
Location: live webcast

Part Three: Simulation, Model Evaluation, & Various Topics
The third part of our modeling and simulation series covers
simulation, from simple population PK to more complex clinical trial
simulations. Other topics include: model evaluation, inter-occasion
variability, mixture models, population PK study design, regulatory
guidance and best practices.

Completion of Part One: Basic Concepts and Skills with NONMEM® (see =

above) or equivalent work-related experience/proficiency with NONMEM® =

and R or (S-PLUS).

Dates: September 4 - December 12, 2007
Location: live webcast

Introduction to R for Pharmacometrics
This course is a prerequisite to our introductory PK-PD modeling and
simulation course, Basic Concepts and Skills with NONMEM©. This
course may also be taken by itself as an orientation to the R

Introduction to R is structured as two lectures and two lab sessions, =

conducted live via webcast. Each participant will receive electronic
documentation, including lecture notes, datasets, script codes, etc.
as well as instructions on how to access the webcast.

April 30 - May 11, 2007 (Mon/Fri)
May 14 - May 25, 2007 (Mon/Fri)
Location: live webcast

NONMEM® is licensed and distributed by ICON Development Solutions.

*Proceeds from Metrum Institute training courses are used to support
Metrum Institute academic research collaborations, training of
students/fellows, methods research and open-source tools development.

Marc R. Gastonguay, Ph.D.
Scientific Director, Metrum Institute []
President & CEO, Metrum Research Group LLC []
Email: marcg

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