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Long file name bugs in NONMEM and NM-TRAN

From: Ludden, Thomas <luddent>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 12:53:38 -0400

We thank Nick Holford for bringing this problem to our attention and
Alison Boeckmann for defining the source of the problem and providing
the workarounds. Please note that the code changes are too extensive
for us to provide code fixes at this time.
Tom Ludden
6. Background:
Filenames in the NONMEM control stream (FSTREAM) for data files, model
specification, and table files may be at most 72 characters long.
However, when the filename is exactly 72 characters long, a run-time
error may occur with some compilers. (When using Sun Fortran there is
no error message, and the file is opened correctly.) Note that there is
no such bug for input data files that are modified by NM-TRAN, i.e.,
when the NONMEM data file is FDATA.
This bug affects all versions of NONMEM.
Make sure the name specified for data files, model specification, and
table files is at most 71 characters in length.
5. Background:
NM-TRAN allows all types of file names (including names on the $SUBR
record) to be more than 80 characters long. They are truncated to 80
characters, with no error message. Further, when the file names of the
types listed above are written to FSTREAM, they are further truncated
to exactly 72 characters. In such cases, the wrong file names are used
by NM-TRAN and (possibly) by NONMEM.
This bug affects all versions of NM-TRAN.
Make sure the file names specified in the NM-TRAN control stream are at
most 80 characters in length. If the file name is that of a data file
(when the NONMEM and NM-TRAN data file are the same), or a model
specification or table file, then the file name should be at most 71



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