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Installation of PsN

From: Mulla Hussain - Senior Pharmacist <hussain.mulla>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 11:29:58 -0000

Dear all,


Could somebody please offer some advice? I am trying to configure PsN,
but running into some problems. I have followed the online instructions
and successfully installed PsN. I have put the Perl,nmvi,g77 folders
onto the c: drive. I have tried to amend the psn.conf file as suggested
however when I try and do a test run (using files from the Upsala Nonmem
intermediate course) I am running into the following error message.


'Fatal Error: Fortran Compilation failed: 'g77' is not recognised as an
internal or external command, operable program or batch file.


at C:\Perl\site\lib/PsN_2_3_0/ line 27



I have amended [Compiler] section in the psn.conf file in various ways
but I have no success. Does anyone offer any suggestions please?







Dr Hussain Mulla

Senior Research Pharmacist and Co-Director


Centre for Therapeutic Evaluation of Drugs in Children

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Glenfield Hospital

Groby Road






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