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From: Samtani, Mahesh [PRDUS] <MSamtani>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 16:57:33 -0500

The easy fix is to use the Hybrid option. See this posting: =
<> = The key messages =
are at the very end of this thread:
        " might try the hybrid method specifying that the eta for =
tlag is approximated by FO while the others use FOCE. See NONMEM Guide =
VII, pp 14-15."
        "....Thanks for the suggestion, you have no idea how much my day =
gets improved by a MINIMIZATION SUCCESSFUL."
The more elegant solution (but will take time due to the use of $DES) is =
to use the transit compartment absorption model. You can look up Dr. =
Savic's or Dr. Wilkin's presentation on the PAGE website or see Dr. =
Savic's paper.
         <> =
         <> =
Good luck,

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Subject: [NMusers] ETA on ALAG1

Dear All,

It is an old topic, but definetely not completely resolved. Can anybody =
provide tips on estimating variability on ALAG1 in a 2 comp, oral =
absorption model (I am using NONMEM V). I am getting an error message =
OBJFUN is negative. I have searched in usernet archive but could not =
solve the problem. I appreciate your help.

Ayyappa Chaturvedula
1500 Littleton Road,
Parsippany, NJ 07054

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