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RE: model validation

From: karl.brendel
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 10:16:11 +0100

Dear Ethan,
External model evaluation consists of a comparison between the =
validation dataset (your new dataset) and the predictions obtained by =
applying the model built on the learning dataset.
An usual way to do that is to perform Visual Predictive Checks (VPC), =
which graphically compares the observations with their predictive =
distribution according to the model.
Others technics, as NPDE could be applyied too for external model =
evaluation. An add-on package for the open source statistical package =
R, designed to computed NPDE, is available at =
<> .
Best regards.
N.H. Holford. The visual Predictive Check-Superiority to standard =
diagnostic (Rorschach) plots. PAGE 14 (2005) Abstr 738 =
M. O. Karlsson, N. H. Holford. A tutorial on visual predictive checks. =
PAGE 17 (2008) Abstr 1434 [].
K. Brendel, E. Comets, C. Laffont, C. Laveille, F. Mentré. Metrics for =
external model evaluation with an application to the population =
pharmacokinetics of gliclazide. Pharm. Res. 23:2036-2049 (2006).
E. Comets, K. Brendel, F. Mentré. Computing normalised prediction =
distribution errors to evaluate nonlinear mixed-effect models: the npde =
add-on package for R. Comput. Methods Programs Biomed. 90:154-166 =


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Dear all,
   First of all, as new comer to the list, I would like to say Hi to =
   I am planning to validate an PK model with a new dataset, my question =
is that, what is the basic steps of using NONMEM to accomplish it? Many =
thanks in advance.

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