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From: Bachman, William <William.Bachman>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 09:02:11 -0400

Your bootstrap runs may terminate because of "parameter estimates near
to the boundary" due to a new feature in NONMEM VI, the "default
boundary test". See the help manual entry for $ESTIMATION:

      With NONMEM VI, the estimation step sometimes terminates with the
      These options request that the "default boundary test" be per-
      formed for THETA, OMEGA, and SIGMA, respectively. THETABOUNDTEST
      may also be coded TBT or TBOUNDTEST; OMEGABOUNDTEST may also be
      coded OBT or OBOUNDTEST; SIGMABOUNDTEST may also be coded SBT or
      SBOUNDTEST. These options are the defaults.

      Instructs NONMEM to omit the "default boundary test" for this
      type of variable, i.e., to behave like NONMEM V in this regard.
      Any option listed above may be preceded by "NO". The THETA,
      OMEGA, and SIGMA choices are independent of each other. E.g., it
      is possible to specify NOOBT (to prevent the "default OMEGA boun-
      dary test") and permit both the "default THETA boundary test" and
      "default SIGMA boundary test".

Try turning turning off "default boundary test".

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Let me just add one more thought on the bootstrap discussion. Sometimes
when doing a bootstrap it happens that the runs terminate because of
parameter estimates near to the boundary (e.g. values for OMEGA close to
0). When this happens in a considerable number of runs, lets say in 10%
of the runs, how would you then calculate the CI for that parameter?
Because the bootstrap parameter distribution derived from all runs -
irrespective of their termination status - would then be bimodal with
one mode close to the boundary.


Best regards, Andreas.




Andreas Lindauer


University of Bonn

Department of Clinical Pharmacy

An der Immenburg 4

D-53121 Bonn


phone:+49 228 73 5781

fax: +49 228 73 9757

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