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Joint model fitting to data on separate enantiomers and enantiomeric mixtures

From: Rosenborg, Johan <Johan.Rosenborg>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 16:27:58 +0200


We have a data set comprising three measurements per time point, namely =
the separate R- and S-concentrations and the total concentration (R+S) =
of a chiral drug given as the racemic mixture. We would like to fit a =
model to all data simultaneously. The plan is to estimate one set of =
parameters for the S- enantiomer and one set for the R- enantiomer, =
using the sum of S- and R concentrations to predict R+S; defining CMTs =
1, 3, and 5 as observational compartments for R-, S-, and RS, =
respectively, we would like to model A(5)=A(1)+A(3). Any suggestion on =
how to do proceed with this in ADVAN5 or ADVAN6 would be appreciated!

/ Johan and Anna
Received on Wed Jun 18 2008 - 10:27:58 EDT

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