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From: Leonid Gibiansky <LGibiansky>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 12:18:42 -0400

Hi Michael,
Arterial versus venous sampling could be important for anesthesia or
similar problems where the time scale of interest goes down to
half-a-minute or so. I did some modeling (venous and arterial sampling
fro the same saubjects) that indicated that the venous concentration was
delayed by 1-2 minutes relative to the arterial ones. Also, for IV
bolus, Cmax arterial was higher than Cmax venous (Tmax venous was later
than Tmax arterial). The difference was important during the first few
minutes after the IV bolus when the rate of concentration changes was
high; then, the difference gradually declined.

Apart from the times when the rate of concentration changes was very
high (concentration changed significantly within 1-2 minutes) the
difference between arterial and venous concentrations was negligible.


Leonid Gibiansky, Ph.D.
President, QuantPharm LLC
e-mail: LGibiansky at
tel: (301) 767 5566

> Hi everyone;
> Does anyone have experience modeling data where some samples were drawn
> intravenously, while others (sometimes even within a given patient) were
> drawn from an arterial line? There are no samples drawn simultaneously
> from both lines, unfortunately.
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