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NONMEM intermediate workshops from Uppsala Pharmacometrics

From: Andrew Hooker <andrew.hooker>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 17:42:41 +0200

The Uppsala Pharmacometrics group is happy to announce two NONMEM
Intermediate Workshops


Workshop 1: Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling of Continuous
and Categorical data

Location: Washington DC, USA,

Dates: 16th-18th of March 2009.


Workshop 2: New features and advanced methods for model building and
evaluation in NONMEM VI

Location: Washington DC, USA,

Dates: 21st-23rd of March 2009.


Workshops can be taken together or separately. They are organized to run
immediately before and after the Annual ASCPT meeting. For more information
and registration please visit <> or send an e-mail to



Brief information for workshop 1:


The Uppsala group has been involved in developing NONMEM models and
methodology for over fifteen years and has extensive experience in modeling
continuous and categorical data in a wide range of disease areas. In this
course the Uppsala group will present modeling strategies, techniques and
implementations (using NONMEM) for the handling of PK and PD information in
population models. PD models for continuous data as well as binary, ordered
categorical, count, and time to event data will be discussed. The course
will include methods for graphical evaluation of continuous and categorical
PK/PD models. The course will consist of both lectures and hands-on computer
exercises using NONMEM VI, PsN and Xpose 4.


The course will be given by Prof. Mats Karlsson, Dr Lena Friberg, Dr Andrew
Hooker and Dr Ulrika Simonsson.


A prerequisite for the course is experience with performing NONMEM analyses
and basic knowledge of PK/PD models.



Brief information for workshop 2:


During the last decade they have been involved in the testing and evaluation
of NONMEM VI as it has been developed and several research projects have
focused on new functionality in NONMEM VI. In parallel, diagnostics for
model building have been developed, evaluated and integrated into NONMEM
VI-adapted versions of the freeware programs Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN) and
Xpose 4. In this course the Uppsala group will present some of the most
exciting new features of NONMEM VI and how these tools can be used in the
development and evaluation of non-linear mixed effects models.



The course will be given by Prof. Mats Karlsson, Dr Andrew Hooker and Dr
Radojka Savic.


A prerequisite for the course is experience with performing NONMEM analyses
or having attended a NONMEM basic workshop.



Course Fees (per workshop):


Regular fee: 2500 USD Early Bird (received by 12/18/08), 2800 USD Late Bird


Academic/Government fee: 1800 USD


Registration fee includes: syllabus, continental breakfast, morning and
afternoon refreshments, lunch and a welcome reception.


Attendance is strictly limited to 50 with a limited "reduced fee" places
available for academic/government participants. Registration and academic
fees will be offered on the basis of first come, first served.




Andrew Hooker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pharmacometrics

Div. of Pharmacokinetics and Drug Therapy

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

Uppsala University

Box 591, 751 24, Uppsala, Sweden

Phone: +46 18 471 4355

Mobile: +46 701 679 048



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