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PDX-MC-PEM and SADAPT download information

From: Serge Guzy <GUZY>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 09:34:00 -0700

For people who are interested to download the PDX-MC-PEM program, please
go to the following link


Then perform the following steps


Step 1: This e-mail should link you to the pdx-mc-pem folder. If so,
perform the following

2: download in your desktop the 3 files install, mcpem.exe and

3: go to your desktop and double click on the installer file and do what
it says (yes, agree, etc...)

4: this will install the basic program, now copy the mcpem.exe in the
pdx-mc-pem2 (I think it is 2) directory that has been created on your
computer and say yes when asked to replace the existing file

4: copy the pdx-mc-pem.jar in that same directory and say yes when asked
to replace

5: In the pdx-mc-pem2 directory there should be a file called
gfortran-windows.exe, double click on this file and go with the
instructions, say yes all the time until the free compiler is installed

6: When you open the first time the program (from the start menu), you
should get a message asking to "autoconfiguration". Click on it to
proceed to the automatic configuration.

7: Let me know if any problems with the installation.


Now you are ready to start. I will create step by step examples as I did
it for SADAPT. It should be ready in the next 2 months. For the
meantime, there is a user manual and free support in installation, first
time through and basic principles of the MC-PEM.

If you need information about SADAPT program (state of the art MC-PEM
program), please let me know and I will guide you through the SADAPT
installation procedure too.


Serge Guzy

President, CEO, POP-PHARM

Tel (510)204-74-76





For people who are interested to download the SADAPT program, please go
to the following link then click on software, then click on ADAPT,
then go at the end of the page and click on SADAPT. Fill the
registration form and download SADAPT.

The instructions are straightforward.





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