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Re: dataset codification

From: Mark Gutierrez <markgutierrez977>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 18:11:23 +0000 (GMT)

Dear all, First of all, thank you for your prompt reply.   =
  Following with my doubts. In my case where the time between f=
irst and second dose is two months, I understand that I could substitu=
te in Time column the real time (24hours * 2 months) by 0 wh=
en the second dose is administered. Is that correct? Or as you mentioned I =
should include the real time   ID    TIME =
  EVID... 1    0    1 1 =
  1    0 ...   ...   ... 1=
    0   4 ...   ...   .=
... On the other hand, In the help guide, when the interoccasion variabi=
lity example is described, the dataset is arranged with EVID = 3 inc=
luding an extra line previous to the second dose (second occasion) and rest=
arting TIME with 0   ID    TIME    E=
VID... 1    0    1 1    1=
    0 ...   ...   ... 1  =
  0    3 1    0  =
  1 1    1    0 ...   ...=
   ... This could be another solution to my problem. Isn=
t it?   Thank you again. Mark ----- Me=
nsaje original ---- De: Sébastien Bihorel <sbihorel
ara: "Willavize, Susan A" <susan.a.willavize
ez <markgutierrez977
coles, 24 de septiembre, 2008 19:03:43 Asunto: Re: [NMusers] dataset codi=
fication You are right Susan: the Time values have to increase within =
a subject. Using EVID=4 allows you to use a more convenient time scale =
ex: ID    TIME    EVID... 1 =
  0    1 1    1    0=

...   ...   ... instead of ID  =
TIME    EVID... 1    0  =
1 1    1    0 ...   ...=
  ... 1    26546    1 ... =
  ...   ... Assuming you don't have any measurement aft=
er 24h during the first period of your study. Willavize, Susan A a =
crit : I have seen EVID=4 used, but don’t remember the=
 details.  How does the time variable look?  I always convert Dat=
e and time to a time counting variable that starts at 0 time (time of first=
 dose) and always increases within each subject.  I recall that when E=
VID= 4 is used, the time variable does NOT need to restart with the secon=
d dose.  Do I remember correctly?     Note I do not in=
clude DATE and clock TIME in my NONMEM input, since I have seen NONMEM do n=
efarious things with these.   Susan _________________________=
_______ From:owner-nmusers] On Behalf Of Sébastien Bihorel Sent: Wednesday, September =
24, 2008 5:52 AM To: Mark Gutierrez Cc: nmusers
t: Re: [NMusers] dataset codification   Dear Mark, You may wa=
nt to read about "EVID" in the html help. EVID = 4 is what you mean. It i=
s a dosing event but implies that the system is reset before the dose is in=
troduced into the system. Sebastien Mark Gutierrez a écrit=
 : Dear all,   I am modeling some PK data from one rabbit.=
 And I have some doubts how to codify the dataset. The rabbit received diff=
erent single doses of a drug at different times.   E.g, First o=
f May it received a 100 mg dose i.v. , Then, 2 months latter (enough was=
hout period), the first of July, it received and oral dose of 100mg.. Fin=
ally, after other two months the rabbit received the last oral dose 200mg.=

 jumps of two months, but I think that there is an option in Nonmem to=
 “restart” the dose through the dataset.     =
Could somebody clarify me this point? and perhaps include a simple example =
of dataset.   Thank you in advance Mark
Received on Wed Sep 24 2008 - 14:11:23 EDT

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