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RE: Schwartz formulae

From: Buclin Thierry <Thierry.Buclin>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 15:32:43 +0200


This is just to express some objection to your last sentence below:
> In children with more or less normal renal function
> the Schwartz predicted CLcr is 30% greater than
> concurrently measured inulin clearance
> (a 'gold standard' GFR estimation method).
> This is different from adults
> in whom GFR and CLcr are very similar.
Actually in adults, CLcr also overestimates by 20-40% the true GFR,
as creatinine undergoes tubular secretion in addition to
glomerular filtration (the inhibition of organic cation transporters
is able to bring creatinine clearance near to inulin clearance).
In a recent study, we found average 34% to 39% differences
between both clearances in healthy volunteers, in line with others.
(Tschuppert Y & al. Effect of dronedarone on renal function in
healthy subjects. BJCP 2007; 64(6):785-791)
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