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Re: Plotting output as multiple pngs in MIfuns

From: William Knebel <billk>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 22:43:25 -0400


There is no option in NONR that will allow the output of multiple
png's in place of one pdf. We did away with an option like that a
number of versions ago. What you can do is supply your own R script
using the "epilog" argument of NONR. There is a starter epilog script
titled epilogEx.R in the MIfunsExScripts directory that is created at
the time of installing the MIfuns R package. This is located in the R
library directory. Any script supplied using the epilog argument is
sourced immediately after the completion of the NONMEM run so you can
tailor any additional diagnostic plots using this feature.


On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 05:22:23AM +0530, pavan kumar wrote:
>How can I modify the diagnostic plot output file from pdf to multiple pngs after running
>NONR function using MIfuns package developed by Metrum Institute? I tried exploring the
>functions in R but each function led to another function. I am lost on which function
>exactly defines the device.
>Also I want to zoom in a particular portion of my IPRED and PRED vs DV plots. Any help on
>this would be appreciated.
>Pavan Kumar Vaddady Graduate Teaching Assistant Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
>University of Tennessee Health Science Centre 874 Union Avenue, 105p Crowe Building
>Memphis TN 38163
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