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Re: Re: PharmPK Re: NMTRAN error

From: justin.wilkins
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:51:18 +0200

Hi Nick, Coen, all,

I would go one step further and suggest IGNORE=
same as leaving out the IGNORE option). This has the advantage of ignoring
all lines starting with alphabetic characters in the data file, such as
those belonging to column headings, as well as I, C, and any other
alphabetical character you want to use for commenting - while allowing the
use of the column header row for other purposes such as manipulation of
the data in other software such as R without the need for any complicated
importing rules. You could even use this to include a column containing
the reason for dropping a row, e.g.

. 1 0 0
. 1 0.25 0.316
Sample thawed 1 0.5 0.0776
. 1 1 0.419

... although it must be said that this data structure seems to create
issues with PsN.


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Nick Holford <n.holford
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[NMusers] Re: PharmPK Re: NMTRAN error

Coen suggests using # as the ignore character and proposes to add
IGNORE=# to the $DATA record.

In fact things can be simpler than that. The default value for IGNORE is
# so if you use # in your data file you dont have to waste time adding
IGNORE=# :-)

I dont know where this strange idea of ignoring the default and using C
comes from -- but it is an unfortunate way to teach people how to use

Coen van Hasselt wrote:
> PharmPK - Discussions about Pharmacokinetics
> Pharmacodynamics and related topics
> The following message was posted to: PharmPK
> Hi,
> It seems you have forgotten to tell NONMEM not to treat the header
> line in your datafile as an actual data record, i.e. to ignore it.
> Lets say your datafile header line looks like: ID TIME DV ... etc.,
> then you can tell NONMEM to ignore lines starting with the character
> "I" by: $DATA datafile.csv IGNORE=I.
> A lot of people prefer putting a # as the first character of the
> header line of your datafile, so: #ID TIME DV .. etc.
> Obviously, for your $DATA you then use IGNORE=#.
> Good luck.
> Coen
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