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Re: Pharmacoeconomic simulations

From: Jeffrey Barrett <barrettj>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 11:02:41 -0400


The best paper I know is by Hughes et al - see below with abstract

Hughes DA, Walley T. Economic evaluations during early (phase II) drug =
development: a role for clinical trial simulations? Pharmacoeconomics. =


Faced with increasing demands on demonstrating cost effectiveness, =
pharmaceutical companies are required to conduct pharmacoeconomic =
evaluations throughout the drug development programme. At present, there =
is particular emphasis in the literature on burden-of-illness studies and =
on economic evaluations conducted alongside phase III clinical trials but =
not on those conducted during phase II clinical trials. This article =
describes modelling techniques, namely clinical trial simulations (CTS), =
which are gaining popularity in the clinical research community, but which =
might also prove to be beneficial during the conduct of these early =
pharmacoeconomic evaluations. The basic concepts and structure of CTS are =
described by using published examples of simulations of antipsychotic and =
anticancer drugs. With the use of an illustrative example of a hypothetical=
 cholinesterase inhibitor for Alzheimer's disease, an integrated CTS-based =
pharmacoeconomic evaluation is presented. The results demonstrate how the =
modelling may be of value in 'go/no-go' decisions during the drug =
development programme.



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>>> "Bonate, Peter" <Peter.Bonate
Is anyone aware of any papers or abstracts using computer-assisted trial =
design that incorporates a pharmacoeconomic component to the simulation? =
Or any pop pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic papers that include the same?


Pete bonate

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