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OPENING - Associate Director

From: Rynak, John <Rynak.John>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 15:32:05 -0400

Please note posting for a friend, contact Infi directly---=


Associate Director / Group Lead, Drug Metabolism
Location: Cambridge MA USA

Infinity Pharmaceuticals is an innovative cancer drug discov=
ery and development company that is seeking to leverage =
its strength in small molecule drug technologies to discov=
er, develop, and deliver to patients first-in-class or bes=
t-in-class medicines for the treatment of cancer and relat=
ed conditions.

Position Deliverables:
The position requires an understanding of the theory and =
practice of in vitro and in vivo drug metabolism studies=
. The individual, with supervision, will primarily design=
 and perform a variety of drug metabolism studies in s=
upport of our drug discovery and development efforts. H=
ands-on experience with enzyme phenotyping, metabolite structu=
ral elucidation, and CYP450 inhibition is strongly desired. =
 Knowledge of pharmacokinetic principles is desirable as t=
he individual may provide support as needed. The succes=
sful candidate will be responsible for applying different =
scientific skills including assay development and LC-MS/MS o=
peration. The selected individual will work closely with =
DMPK team members to analyze and interpret data which wi=
ll be presented in a multidisciplinary team environment. =
Qualities vital to our success include flexibility, open c=
ommunication, and teamwork.
Position Requirements:
* MS/PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Biochemis=
try or related field with 5-10 years experience.
* Extensive experience with a variety of =
drug metabolism studies, e.g. metabolic stability and metabo=
lite profiling in microsomes, hepatocytes or biological samp=
les from in vivo studies.
* Experience in LC-MS/MS operation, method =
development, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
* Strong interpersonal skills.
* Strong oral and written communication s=
Interested candidates may apply online at: http://www.infi.=

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