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RE: Linear VS LTBS

From: Stephen Duffull <stephen.duffull>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 15:46:03 +1200


> I think you're missing an important point. As I wrote to Nick, you will
> never get concentrations reported regardless of their value. At some
> point,
> you will only get the information that concentration is below a limit
> (LOQ,LOD,LO?). This you should take into account in your design. Error
> models for concentrations below LO? are not entirely unimportant, but
> will
> not have the properties you mention below.

I am happy with either accounting for censoring, or including an additive e=
rror model or both for optimal design use with proportional error models. =
I don't think that proportional only error models in the absence of the abo=
ve is good. So I believe we agree here.

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