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RE: Avoid scientific notation in tables

From: Ludden, Thomas <Thomas.Ludden>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 14:26:11 -0400

Nick, Carlos and all.

Distribution of NONMEM 7.1.0 to all current NONMEM licensees should =
begin in early September. The CD's are being produced at this time. =
The NONMEM 7 license agreement was sent to the contact person for each =
current license in early August. The signed agreement must be returned =
before NONMEM 7 can be sent to the contact person. If the contact =
person for your license did not receive the agreement please send an =
e-mail message to IDSSOFTWARE
department or individual name.


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When does Nomem 7 appears?

Carlos Hoyo
Farma, Mexico, Cinvestav

> Yes -- sign up for NONMEM 7. It has a format option for table output.
> Brogren, Jacob wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> is there a way of making NONMEM output decimal notation instead of
>> scientific i the $TABLE step? (e.g. 102.00 instead of 1.0200E+2)
>> /Jacob
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>> Jacob Brogren MSc Pharm
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> Nick Holford, Professor Clinical Pharmacology
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> University of Auckland, 85 Park Rd, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New
> Zealand
> n.holford
> mobile: +64 21 46 23 53

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