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Release PsN version 3.1.0

From: Sebastian Ueckert <sebastian.ueckert>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 16:13:17 +0100

Dear PsN users,

PsN 3.1.0 is now available for download from

The most important changes since 3.0.0 are a completely rewritten parser
for THETA/OMEGA/SIGMA and significantly extended NONMEM7 support.

Best regards,
Sebastian Ueckert

Changes from PsN 3.0.0 to 3.1.0

***New documentation***

- The document PsN_and_NONMEM7.pdf describes how PsN deals with the many
new features and functions of NONMEM7. This document is essential for
anyone who intends to use PsN with NONMEM7.

***New features 3.1.0***

- Extensive NONMEM7 support. All PsN tools accept modelfiles with
multiple $ESTIMATION. All estimation methods are supported. Please note:
only results from last $EST will be presented and used in data processing.

- New parser for THETA, OMEGA and SIGMA. With the new parser all known
bugs are removed. All formatting variants described in the NONMEM
userguide are supported.

- tweak_inits will ensure that OMEGA and SIGMA are strictly diagonally
dominant. This reduces the risk of NONMEM halting due to non-postive
definite initial estimate matrices. Also, tweak_inits will not change
initial estimates that are zero, regardless if they are FIXED or not.
This preserves band matrices.

- New options -predcorr (prediction correction) and -varcorr
(variability correction, experimental) to vpc. More details in the vpc

- New options -last_est_complete and -niter_eonly for tools that run
some models with skipped estimation step (cdd, npc, vpc, execute with
mirror_plots option). More details in PsN_and_NONMEM7.pdf.

- update_inits now has options for renumbering output files in $TABLE
and adding comments in $PROBLEM

- Both run information files version_and_option_info.txt and command.txt
will be overwritten at each rerun in the same PsN directory, also for
npc and vpc. The files from the original PsN call are saved as
original_command.txt and original_version_and_option_info.txt

- The logic for the flag minimization_successful has been adapted to new
the estimation methods. Affects retries and sumo output. More details in

- For developers only: Many accessors to the output object have changed.
 Contact the PsN development team for more information.

Sebastian Ueckert, MSc, PhD student
Pharmacometrics Research Group,
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences,
Uppsala University
P.O. Box 591
SE-751 24 Uppsala
Work: +46-(0)18-471 4291

Received on Mon Dec 14 2009 - 10:13:17 EST

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