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Mark Your Calendar for PaSiPHIC

From: Cirincione, Brenda <Brenda.Cirincione>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:13:33 -0800

1st Annual PaSiPHIC (Pacific Coast Statisticians and Pharmacometricians
Innovation Conference) -- Narrowing the distribution between stochastic
scientists by bringing Statisticians and Pharmacometricians together

Event Dates: Monday June 14 - Wednesday June 16
City: San Luis Obispo State: California Country: USA

Mark your calendars for this event to be held on the campus of Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo and sponsored by the Department of Statistics.
The purpose of this conference is to provide statisticians and
pharmacometricians a forum to share pertinent information concerning the
application of these disciplines to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology

The joint keynote speakers are Joga Gobburu (Director of Pharmacometrics
at the Food and Drug Administration) and Stephen Senn (Professor at the
University of Glasgow Department of Statistics).

The program for the conference is in development, but will include short
courses geared towards pharmacometricians and short courses geared
towards statisticians on Day 1. As well as presentations that either
will be concurrent (separate sessions for statistics and
pharmacometrics) or joint on Days 2 and 3.

Organizing Committee: Andrew Chow, Brenda Cirincione, Charles DuMond,
Ying Lu, Carl Peck, Mark Peterson, Bob Smidt, Brian Smith, Chi-Hse Teng,
Paolo Vicini, and Ouhong Wang

Contact Brian Smith for more details
Phone: 805 447-1378
Email: brismith

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