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From: Serge Guzy <GUZY>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 13:54:39 -0800

Dear colleagues
POP-PHARM is pleased to announce the release of the new version of the
pdx-mc-pem program.

The new program is free of charge and has as main add-in the MAP
estimation procedure which usually improve considerably the efficiency
of the MCPEM algorithm (pmethod=8 in SADAPT).

My attempt was to create a user-friendly program that is suitable for
most of the case studies you are usually dealing with. I had therefore
to trade off between user-friendly and fully flexible environment.
However the SADAPT program is there in case the PDX-MC-PEM is not
appropriate as it provides both full flexibility and functionality.

Population Mixture, Inter-occasion, covariate analysis, variance models
can be accessed without any coding from the user part.
Hundred of different built-in PK/PD models can be accessed easily (all
standard PK models with and without non linear clearance, emax models
and indirect response models)
IN addition, user-defined models can be written and use a similar
template as SADAPT.

POP-PHARM is providing the following services

1: Free support for both SADAPT and PDX-MC-PEM installation and help
with the step by step examples
2: POP-PHARM is providing to companies that are interested in house
workshops that will cover usually the SADAPT program but if needed also
3: Full support in the implementation of complex PK/PD models using
either the PDX-MC-PEM or SADAPT program.

POP-PHARM has partnered with different organizations that sponsor
workshops (SADAPT) in the east coast. If people are interested to have a
workshop given in the bay area (California) or anywhere else (in house
or not), please let me know as it will be certainly possible.

The following link gives you access to

1: PDX-MC-PEM program installation and step by step examples
2: SADAPT program installation and same step by step examples

Best Regards;
Serge guzy
President,CEO; POP-PHARM; Inc.

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