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Re: simulation question

From: Gastonguay, Marc <marcg>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 06:13:09 -0500

As Leonid suggests, you may want to control NONMEM runs using an
external tool and an INFN routine for extraction of results. MIfuns,
an open-source R package, provides functions for this sort of
automation. Template INFN codes are provided as well. It's a free

R is good choice for this purpose because you can also script tasks
such as data preparation, post processing of output and graphics and
table creation - all within the same language. Other options for this
sort of automation use a variety of scripting languages. Some examples
are: Perl-Speaks NONMEM (PSN), Wings for NONMEM (WFN) and others...
see the PAGE website for links to these projects (

Good luck,

Marc R. Gastonguay, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Metrum Research Group LLC []
Scientific Director, Metrum Institute []
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Email: marcg

On Feb 5, 2009, at 5:18 PM, Ethan Wu wrote:

> Dear users,
> I am trying to compare several specific PK/PD study designs by:
> -- run 200 simulations with the final model (develope from original
> dataset)
> -- fit the final model to the 200 simulated dataset
> To achieve above, I used $SIM SUBPROB=200 option
> however, nonmem would completely stop after running into
> estimation problem at one specific simulation/estimation cycles, for
> some designs it stop even before 10th iterations.
> Is there anyway nonmem could continue go on?
> Or, does someone know alternative way to achieve the goal?
> thanks

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