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RE: Lag-time on nmusers distribution

From: Bachman, William <William.Bachman>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 08:50:00 -0500

The "distribution lag" is not a function of ICON Development Solutions.
It is a function of several issues, the foremost of which are net
traffic and timing and corporate/net provider processing. Messages sent
before 8am US Eastern time can be distributed relatively quickly. Those
sent in the middle of US business hours can take longer. As for
processing, I can receive messages at my home account (Comcast) that I
sent from my corporate account faster than I can get them back on the
system I sent them from because it goes through more scrutiny at ICON
than at Comcast on the return leg. There is nothing ICON can do to
alter the sequence in which different recipients receive posts, so just
keep this in mind when the order of posts seems confusing.
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From: owner-nmusers
On Behalf Of Ribbing, Jakob
Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 7:00 AM
To: nmusers
Cc: Elodie Plan
Subject: [NMusers] Lag-time on nmusers distribution

Dear all,


My apologies for sending redundant messages. The reason this often
happens is a distribution lag of about half an hour* (at least for me).
By the time the message reaches other nmusers it is already obsolete
because someone else answered before. Is there any way that Globomax can
increase the speed of distribution? Or maybe put the nmusers who have
previously participated in discussions at the top of the distribution


Before I was aware of this distribution lag it often was not clear to me
why someone would send a message, which basically repeated what someone
else already said and I sometimes wondered if there was a disagreement
between the two postings that was too subtle for me to notice. I find
this distribution list a great source of learning and inspiration but a
quicker distribution to the growing number of nmusers would save both
time and confusion. (On the other hand, for this specific case Martin
also makes the point that it is good to see several postings
recommending PsN)






*Elodies, Marcs and my postings all had a lag of 30 minutes before
reaching me. Martins and Robs postings had a lag of 40 minutes. This lag
is not because of the e-mail server on my end.



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