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Announcement: Sheiner Rowland Advanced Course in PKPD - Washington DC 3-8 May 2009 [Corrected]

From: Nick Holford <n.holford>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 10:54:37 +1300

[Sorry to have to send this again so soon but I had made errors in the
subject line dates and in the signup page link]


Dates: Sunday -- Friday May 3 - May 8, 2009

The Center for Drug Development Science
UCDC Campus
1608 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Washington, DC USA

A Workshop, presenting advanced aspects and applications of
pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and kinetic/dynamic data analysis in
the medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

For whom intended:
The Workshop is designed for those who have a good working knowledge of
basic concepts in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and data analysis
and who now wish to extend their knowledge further. Emphasis will be
placed on relating pharmacokinetics to underlying physiological
processes and to pharmacodynamics, and on the analysis and modelling of
pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data.

Workshop content:
The mornings will be devoted to lectures; the afternoons to small-group
workshops led by experienced tutors, in which participants will solve
practical problems and develop facility with the techniques and
approaches discussed in the lectures. The participants are encouraged to
raise questions from their experience for discussion: time is
specifically reserved for such informal discussions.
A course manual, comprising lecture outlines, derivations, problem sets
with answers, and additional reading material will be provided.
Participants should come with a scientific hand calculator.

Topics to be covered include:
. Empirical models for pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
. Mechanistic models for pharmacokinetics (compartmental,
physiological) and pharmacodynamics (receptor-theory) and combined PKPD
(immediate and delayed effects)
. Data analysis techniques for empirical or mechanistic modelling:
point estimates, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests.
. Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
. Disease progress and drug action modelling
. Optimal design

Leon Aarons is a Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of
Manchester, UK. His research interest is in population and
physiologically-based pharmacokinetics. He is co-editor of the Journal
of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics and executive editor of the
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.
Nick Holford is Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the
University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. He has been involved in
PKPD modelling for over 30 years. He has a particular interest in
describing disease progression and the influence of drug treatments on
Mats Karlsson is Professor of Pharmacometrics at the Faculty of
Pharmacy, Uppsala University, Sweden. Since 1994, his research group
has focused on methodological aspects of nonlinear mixed effects model
building and applied PKPD modelling.
France Mentré is Professor of Biostatistics at the University Paris
Diderot (Paris 7), France. She heads an INSERM research team on Methods
and Models for therapeutic assessment in chronic diseases. She has
worked on development and application of methods for nonlinear
mixed-effects models in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for more
than 20 years
Stephen Duffull is Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at the University of
Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. He runs a modelling and simulation lab
within the School of Pharmacy. Research interests include optimal
design, MCMC methods particularly in clinical toxicology and the
influence of obesity on PKPD. He has been involved in the area of PKPD
and nonlinear mixed effects modelling for more than 10 years.

$3600 including breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, reception, and one
evening dinner.

TO REGISTER FOR Advanced PKPD Course Washington, DC May 3 -- May 8, 2009
Please click here to register
online. Enrollment is limited to 50, so prospective participants are
encouraged to register well in advance. Ability to understand and
converse in English is essential.
A limited number of spaces at a reduced fee are available to academic
persons. Further details are available upon request to Julie Nelson:

The Center for Drug Development Science
UCDC Campus
1608 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Washington, DC Map

Hotel rooms at a special rate are available at these hotels which are
close to CDDS at the UCDC campus.

The Beacon Hotel - Scott Circle
1615 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-2100 or (800) 821-4367

The Doubletree Hotel -- Scott Circle
1515 Rhode Island Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 232-7000

Nick Holford, Dept Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology
University of Auckland, 85 Park Rd, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand

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