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CrcL or Cr in pediatric model

From: Bonate, Peter <Peter.Bonate>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 15:51:58 -0600

I have an interesting question I'd like to get the group's collective =
opinion on. I am fitting a pediatric and adult pk dataset. I have =
fixed weight a priori to its allometric exponents in the model. When I =
test serum creatinine and estimated creatinine clearance equation as =
covariates in the model (power function), both are statistically =
significant. CrCL appears to be a better predictor than serum Cr (LRT =
= 22.7 vs 16.7). I have an issue with using CrCL as a predictor in =
the model since it's estimate is based on weight and weight is already =
in the model. Also, there might be collinearity issues with CrCL and =
weight in the same model, even though they are both significant. Does =
anyone have a good argument for using CrCL in the model instead of serum =


Pete bonate

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