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Courses and workshops on PK/PD and pharmacology

From: Erik Ahlzén <erik.ahlzen>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:25:53 +0100

The 11th Advanced Level Workshop on PK/PD Data Analysis: A Hand-on =
Course Using WinNonlin

May 17-21, 2009, Cambridge, UK

This is an advanced level workshop for research scientists in the =
pharmaceutical industry, academia, regulatory agencies and contract =
research firms with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in PK/PD =
analysis and modelling. The workshop is intended for people who have =
attended the earlier introductory workshop of PKPD data analysis and =
those with prior working knowledge of WinNonlin. This workshop is =
arranged in collaboration with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great =


Introduction to Quantitative Pharmacology and PK/PD for Drug Discovery & =
Development Scientists

September 8-9, 2009, Munich, Germany

This course aims to give the course delegates confidence and =
encouragement to have a go at PKPD and to build relationships between =
bioscience, DMPK, medicinal chemistry and related scientific =
disciplines. The programme is comprised of lectures and afternoon group =

Course objectives:

To raise awareness of the individual steps that make up the =
dose-plasma-distribution-binding-turnover- response process

* To raise awareness of experimental design. What investment has to be =
done early and late in discovery?

* To build a case for the assessment of the first time in man dose

* To provide theory and methods of in vivo PK & PD data


The 16th Intermediate Workshop on PK/PD Data Analysis: A four-day Course =
Using WinNonlin

October 25-29, 2009, Barcelona, Spain

This intermediate level workshop provides an interface between the =
numerical analysis of PK and PD data and physiological concepts. Based =
on the background and concepts provided by the course lecturers, =
participants will apply this information to the appropriate modelling =
package (WinNonlin) in hands-on exercises.


Erik Ahlzn, Project Manager

The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences


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