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RE: RE: NONMEM 7 Update

From: Grevel, Joachim <Joachim.Grevel>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 09:41:50 +0100

Dear NONMEM users,
two years ago when we started (at Merck Serono) to discuss the necessary =
QA documents for a "validated" NONMEM system the fact that NONMEM was =
open-source played a major role in our risk analysis. In fact we =
conciously decided in favor of open-source software also with regards of =
other tools (R, PsN, XPOSE) associated with NONMEM.
I do not know to which degree system validation according to GxP =
standards is affected in other commercial enterprices by the fact that =
NONMEM7 will no longer be open-source. Specifically, I shall address =
that question here at my new employer (AstraZeneca). I have also =
proposed to discuss the question of NONMEM system validation at the =
upcoming PKUK meeting in Birmingham.
Please, do not apply the classification 'positive/negative reaction to =
new encrypted NONMEM code' to my contribution. My work will not be =
negatively affected by encryption, and I welcome the new estimation =
methods of NONMEM7.
Joachim Grevel
AstraZeneca R&D Charnwood
Clinical Pharmacology & DMPK
Bakewell Road, Loughborough, Leics LE11 5RH, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1509 645177


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From: owner-nmusers
Sent: 03 July 2009 08:56
To: Thierry.Buclin
Subject: Re: [NMusers] RE: NONMEM 7 Update

I do have only one simple question. How many people took advantage from =
the fact Nonmem was distributed as open source? If we are talking about =
a very small percentage, is this discussion worthwhile? How many people =
except bob bauer and may be somebody else I am not aware of are able to =
follow and understand the cuirrent nonmem code?


From: owner-nmusers
To: Ludden, Thomas ; nmusers
Sent: Thu Jul 02 23:46:09 2009
Subject: [NMusers] RE: NONMEM 7 Update




Didn't ICON consider that indeed, this decision might stimulate the =
divergence of an open-source clade of NONMEM, somewhat like R stemmed =
out of S-plus? If a small academic group starts to work in that =
direction, it would certainly be quickly joined by many…


Thierry Buclin

Univ. Hospital, Lausanne


De : owner-nmusers
De la part de Ludden, Thomas
Envoyé : jeudi, 2. juillet 2009 15:15
À : Eleveld, DJ; nmusers
Cc : Krohn, Anthony
Objet : RE: [NMusers] NONMEM 7 Update


Dear All:

Icon Development Solutions has invested in the further development of =
NONMEM. By mutual agreement with the University of California at San =
Francisco, NONMEM 7 is intellectual property belonging to IDS. However, =
IDS will continue to pay royalties to UCSF.


The business plan under which NONMEM 7 was developed calls for the =
protection of the I.P. involved. In addition, NONMEM 7 contains several =
updated routines developed and owned by IMSL (Visual Numerics Inc.). =
Our agreement with IMSL stipulates that we will not distribute their =
source code. The installer will compile the software but will not allow =
the unencrypted source code to remain on the users computer. The =
licensing agreement will also stipulate that any attempt to access the =
source code will be a violation of the agreement.


Some source code will be left unencrypted for various reasons, one being =
the need for users to change certain values in SIZES and perhaps other =
resource routines.


Thomas M. Ludden Ph.D.
Vice-President, Pharmacometrics R&D
ICON Development Solutions

Tel: + 1 410 696 3040
Mob: + 1 410 258 2411
Fax: + 1 410 480 0776
Email: thomas.ludden



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