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Re: RE: NONMEM 7 Update

From: Hussein, Ziad <Ziad.Hussein>
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 00:33:22 +0100

As a heavy NONMEM user since 1993 I never needed to look at the NONMEM code and I believe that more than 95 percent of the users are the same and are more interested in the modelling than in understanding the source code.

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Serge, I am afraid I dont understand what you are getting at.

Are you trying to say that so few people in the world understand the NONMEM code
and so noone is likely to complain that they cant understand the encrypted code?

Or are you trying to say that so few people in the world understand the NONMEM code
and so encryption is rather pointless since it changes almost nothing?


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I do have only one simple question. How many people took advantage from the fact Nonmem was distributed as open source? If we are talking about a very small percentage, is this discussion worthwhile? How many people except bob bauer and may be somebody else I am not aware of are able to follow and understand the cuirrent nonmem code?


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Sent: Thu Jul 02 23:46:09 2009
Subject: [NMusers] RE: NONMEM 7 Update


Didn't ICON consider that indeed, this decision might stimulate the divergence of an open-source clade of NONMEM, somewhat like R stemmed out of S-plus? If a small academic group starts to work in that direction, it would certainly be quickly joined by many.

Thierry Buclin

Univ. Hospital,

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