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Simulations with/without residual error

From: andreas lindauer <lindauer>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 11:33:59 +0200



The recent discussion about simulation with a nonparametric method =
brought a
general question concerning monte-carlo simulations into my mind. When
should simulations be performed with residual error and when not. I am
especially interested in comments regarding the following scenarios when =
result of the simulation should be reported as mean or median and 90%
prediction interval:

1. Simulated response at a particular time point (eg. Trough values)

2. Simulated response at a particular time point (x) relative to =
response (IPRED(t=x)/IPRED(t=0) vs. DV(t=x)/DV(t=0) )

3. Simulated time of maximal response (eg. Tmax)



Thanks and best regards, Andreas.





Andreas Lindauer


Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Institute of Pharmacy

University of Bonn

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Received on Tue Jul 07 2009 - 05:33:59 EDT

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