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From: McDermott, Gracelyn <Gracelyn.McDermott>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 16:01:22 -0400

Dear NMusers :
NONMEM 7 must be distributed as encrypted source code. An installation
program will be included. The SIZES file and several other resource
files will be left unencrypted so that the user can make desired changes
prior to compilation as was possible with previous versions. Because
compiling and linking will be performed in the users environment it
should be possible to avoid the problems encountered during beta
testing. This is a much better solution than distributing only binary
code for a very limited number of computing environments. This change
in our method of distribution will require that a revised licensing
agreement be executed. This agreement will be sent to the contact
person for each license in the next few weeks and must be signed and
returned before NONMEM 7 will be sent to the licensee.
ICON Development Solutions has made a multimillion dollar investment in
this version of the software and has a commitment to its continued
development. We understand that some members of the user community are
dissatisfied with this decision; but, the general release of source code
would conflict with our legal and financial commitments to this
software. Stuart Beal placed NONMEM in a commercial environment with
the hope that its development would be sustained. This decision is in
keeping with Stuart's intent.
Source code could be shared under a special licensing and
confidentiality agreement for a collaborative project that would
contribute to the continued development of NONMEM. Such a project
will usually require a formal proposal and a list of deliverables.
NONMEM VI 2.0 will no longer be distributed after the release of NONMEM
7 but users may continue to use NONMEM provided they have a currently
valid NONMEM license. All previous releases of NONMEM are the property
of the Regents of the University of California, but ICON Development
Solutions continues to have exclusive rights to license their use.
Gracelyn A McDermott, MBA, PMP
Vice President, Business Development
ICON Development Solutions

Michael Fedock, MBA
Vice President, Finance
ICON Development Solutions
Buzz Krohn, J.D.
Director, Legal Affairs
ICON Development Solutions






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Thank You,
ICON plc
South County Business Park
Dublin 18
Registered number: 145835

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