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Betr.: 20 variable limit in $INPUT

From: Rob ter Heine <Rob.terHeine>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 15:49:28 +0100

Dear Andreas,

Isn't the limit you're referring to the maximum amount of etas/thetas, =
these can be adjusted (see:
m )

As far as I known the amount of data items can not be adjusted. If some of =
them are not in use, you can use the DROP data item. The complete column =
will be removed in the analysis.

" If DROP (or SKIP) is used as a data item label or synonym, the data
 item type will not appear in the NONMEM data set. DROP (or SKIP) may
 be used with more than one item."



Rob ter Heine, MSc, PharmD
Department of Pharmacology, Slotervaart Hospital
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
E: rob.terheine
T: +31-20-5124737

>>> <andreas.krause
I am looking for a solution to get around the limit of 20 input =
in nonmem.
The message you get with more than 20 variables in $INPUT is this:

STOP 4 statement executed

I did not find anything in the archives or on the Web. I recall having
successfully done that in nonmem V, and I think it was about changing =
value of 20 to another value in a few files.
My original naive idea was that this was just a single change to the =
file in nm VI but that seems to not be the case.

To keep the discussion focused, I am not looking for workarounds like
solutions with concatenated values and an indicator variable.
For a change I am trying to get the software to adapt to the user's =
instead of the usual opposite situation.

Thanks for any pointers.



Andreas Krause, PhD
Lead Scientist Modeling and Simulation

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Gewerbestrasse 16
CH-4123 Allschwil

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