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Re: calculation of AUC

From: Ethan Wu <ethan.wu75>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 10:51:51 -0700 (PDT)

sorry for being lazy this morning and wish relying on others knowledge ju=
st to share, I used DADT=C method, and it didn't depend on sampling after=
 I tried with my model (which took quite a while to get results) -- I cou=
ld do as Bill suggested setting up some small dataset and simple model to c=
heck first, then would share with the group ealier :-)   =

 20, 2009 9:42:59 AM Subject: Fw: [NMusers] calculation of AUC I =
second Bill's suggestion to work this out on your own for your specific pro=
blem. This forum can help you with general questions and overall approaches=
, but very specific queries like this are for you and your colleagues to ha=
sh out. ----- Forwarded by Michael J Fossler/PharmRD/GSK on 03/20=
/2009 09:40 AM ----- "Bill Bachman" <bachmanw
: owner-nmusers
  To "'Martin Bergstrand'" <martin.bergstrand
an Wu'" <ethan.wu75
E: [NMusers] calculation of AUC The easiest answer is to =
work it out.  Do some simulations (without variability) with multiple =
subjects with identical PK parameters BUT different sampling times.  T=
abulate your AUCs and compare the results for different sampling times! =
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rand Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 8:45 AM To: 'Ethan Wu'; nmusers Subject: RE: [NMusers] calculation of AUC   Dear Eth=
an,   You need to provide more information on how you plan to ca=
lculate AUC otherwise the question can’t be answered. It is of cour=
se possible to calculate the AUC without any influence of the sampling freq=
uency. You should be able to find examples of how to do this in the NMusers=
 archive. See for example the answer from Mats Karlsson in this thread (htt=
p://   Kind regards, =
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Of Ethan Wu Sent: den 20 mars 2009 13:05 To: nmusers
ubject: [NMusers] calculation of AUC   Hi all, to calculate AUC =
of one of the compartments using ADVAN6, if it is a fixed time interval, wi=
ll the AUC be influenced by the frequncy of sampling of the dataset within =
this interval or not? thanks   ______________________________=
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