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ftp availability of PDx-Pop 4 for NONMEM 7

From: Bachman, William <William.Bachman>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 09:55:42 -0500

PDx-Pop 4 for NONMEM 7 is now available for all platforms (Windows,
Linux and Mac OS X) via our ftp site at
In order to make PDx-Pop 4 for NONMEM 7 quickly available to our PDx-Pop
users who already have NONMEM 7, the software may be downloaded for
immediate use. Your existing PDx-Pop 3 license file can be used with
PDx-Pop 4 (and both versions of the software may be used as you
transition from NONMEM VI to NONMEM 7). Distribution CD-ROM's will be
available at a later date. A final revised version of PDx-Pop 3.x for
NONMEM VI will also be made available via ftp later this month.
The software may also be downloaded for trial use by all licensed NONMEM
7 users. All features of PDx-Pop 4 in trial use are enabled but PDx-Pop
4 will cease to work after 30 days if the PDx-Pop 4 software is not
PDx-Pop Version 4.0 for NONMEM 7 Release Notes

October 15, 2009



New Features in Version 4.0:


1. Real-time graphical monitoring of the objective function for all of
the new estimation methods (including the Bayesian chain "caterpillar"
plot and composite method runs)


2. Button-operated interaction with the NONMEM run:

  - toggle on-off printing of numerical iteration (Iterations)

  - gracefully end a problem (Next)

  - end NONMEM run gracefully (Stop)


3. Extended Summary Output (added features):

  - list of all estimation methods used in the run

  - statistical summary from final method


4. Multi-CPU capability to run NONMEM batchs simultaneously (on
multi-CPU systems)


5. Graphical display of parameter sampling histories from Bayesian


6. Automated setup and run of multiple MCMC chains (with randomized
initial parameter estimates) simultaneously


7. Graphical display of multiple chains output (overlay plots of
parameter histories and statistical summary from multiple MCMC chains)


8. Automated initial parameter variation test (simultaneous runs with
randomized initial parameters)


9. New control file wizard to automate creation of control files

  - new estimation methods coding and options

  - composite methods (runs with multiple estimation methods)

  - automatic mu parameterization for library methods (ADVANS 1-4,10-12)

- optional inclusion of error code for IPRE, IRES, IWRE


10. PDx-Pop can now run user-written S-Plus and R scripts that can be
linked to a specified run to create automated custom output.


Free 30-day trial versions (with all features enabled) are available
from our FTP site:

(Use of PDx-Pop 4 requires a licensed copy of NONMEM 7.) See the
PDx-Pop 4 Manual for installation instructions. NONMEM 7 and PDx-Pop 4
operation was designed for Intel Fortran 8.0 and higher, g95 and GNU


William J. Bachman, Ph.D.

Director, Pharmacometrics R&D

Icon Development Solutions

6031 University Blvd., Suite 300

Ellicott City, MD 21043

Office 215-616-8699

Cell 301-467-8635



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