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Updated PDx-Pop 3.2 for NONMEM VI now available

From: Bachman, William <William.Bachman>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 13:23:00 -0500

PDx-Pop 3.2 for NONMEM VI is now available for all platforms (Windows,
Linux and Mac OS X) via our ftp site at
<> . A distribution
CD-ROM for this version is not planned at this time.
In order to make many of the new PDx-Pop 4 for NONMEM 7 features
available to our PDx-Pop 3.x users as they transition to PDx-Pop 4 for
NONMEM 7, these features have been retrofitted to PDx-Pop 3 for NONMEM
VI. (The new features in PDx-Pop 4 that are specific to NONMEM 7 such
as the new estimation methods are not present in PDx-Pop 3.2)
The software may also be downloaded for trial use by all licensed NONMEM
users who are also still transitioning to NONMEM 7. All features of
PDx-Pop 3.2 in trial use are enabled but PDx-Pop 3.2 will cease to work
after 30 days if the PDx-Pop software is not licensed.
New Features in Version 3.20:
1. Multi-processor capability for runs within a given project has been
added. (Multi-process ability by starting runs from different projects
has always been possible in PDx-Pop but was not a function of the number
of cpu's on the system. More processes than available cpu's could have
been started.)

2. Efforts have been made to make the program more informative with
respect to contact information and licensing issues. A screen was added
at the end of installation to remind users to contact ICON for the full
year license (along with the correct contact information for licenses).
License renewal information also was added to the license expiration
message and the PDx-Pop help menu.

3. A new evaluation method was developed, Initial Parameters Variation
Test, that is accessed from the PDx-Pop Evaluation tab. The method can
be used as a means of assessing whether a global minimum has been
obtained or generally to assess the effect of randomly varying the
initial estimates for a run (sensitivity of estimation method results to
initial conditions). The user can set the desired percent variation of
parameters. A default of 20% variation was chosen and a maximum of 50%
variation was set internally. The user can also select the seed for
randomization by entering a number or allow automatic setting of the
seed by keeping the default of 0. Six runs are made.
4. PDx-Pop has the ability to run additional ICON provided or
user-written S-Plus or R scripts linked to a selected run and its output
files using the "Add'l/User Scripts(S-Plus/R)" option on the PDx-Pop
Output tab. Additional scripts are provided by ICON as they become
Bug fixes in Version 3.20
1. A bug has been corrected in PDx-Pop that cut off the listing of omega
and sigma parameters and standard errors of omega and sigma parameters
in the summary file when the omega matrix is very large (a diagonal
greater than 15).

2. Fixed bug in bootstrap.R script, script would fail if standard errors
were not found for the run. Caused by and S-Plus/R difference (S-Plus
would generate a warning and proceed without the standard errors whereas
R would generate an error and the script would fail). Provision added
to accommodate runs without standard errors.
3. Fixed bug in leverage.R script, script would fail at reading blank
lines in the summary file. Caused by and S-Plus/R difference (S-Plus
would handle blank lines and proceed whereas R would generate an error
and the script would fail). Provision added to accommodate blank lines
in the summary file.
4. Fixed bug in bootprep.exe program that could cause an incorrect
number of bootstrap runs to be performed.
William J. Bachman, Ph.D.
Director, Pharmacometrics R&D
Icon Development Solutions
6031 University Blvd., Suite 300
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Office 215-616-8699
Cell 301-467-8635

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