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RE: R/S+ nlme ODE

From: Denney, William S. <william_denney>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 13:46:54 -0500

Hi Leonid,

This is how to do it for fixed effects in R with a regular nlme model
(I've not used nlmeODE). I don't have an example with generating new
random variables.

## make a model named "model" here
coef <- model$coefficients$fixed
cov.matrix <- model$varFix
new.coef <-, coef, cov.matrix,



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Dear All,
This is off-topic but I tried to ask this question in R-help list and it
was not successful: 132 email/day and no reply to this question:

I have a population PK model in nlmeODE (R or S+ versions) and I need a
posthoc (in Nonmem terminology) estimate: estimate individual parameters
of new subjects given population parameters and variance-covariance
matrix. Is this possible? If yes, could you send me a sample code?


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