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Announcement of release PsN 3.0.0

From: Sebastian Ueckert <sebastian.ueckert>
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 13:26:25 +0200

Dear NMusers,

A new PsN version, PsN 3.0.0, is available on

This is the first public release of PsN3. The most important new feature
is partial NONMEM7 support. We plan to make a new PsN release with
extended NONMEM7 support within 2-3 months.

The PsN website has been reworked. There is
a new page with installation help, more documentation on PsN
configuration, and a new document with the most commonly encountered
unfixed bugs and help how to work around them.

/Sebastian Ueckert
Sebastian Ueckert, MSc
PhD Student
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Uppsala University

+46-(0)18-471 4291

New features PsN 3.0.0

- NONMEM7 support for NONMEM6 type input
PsN 3.0.0 has partial support for NONMEM7. It will handle NONMEM6 type
input, i.e. single $ESTIMATION and classical estimation methods, with
any PsN tool (bootstrap, scm, sse etc). PsN 3.0.0 has full support for
NONMEM6. Details in README.txt

- New option nmfe:
There is a new commandline option -nmfe (no arguments) that can be used
with any PsN tool. When enabled, PsN will invoke nmfe6 or nmfe7 to run
NONMEM instead of doing stepwise compiling and execution. See
psn_configuration.pdf and common_options_defaults_version.pdf for
details. When nmfe is set the compiler configuration is ignored.

- Compiler configuration
The compiler configuration can be set differently for each NONMEM
version. See psn_configuration.pdf for details.

Platforms and compilers

PsN 3.0.0 has been tested with NONMEM6 on:
MacOS and Windows XP with ifort (Intel Fortran) compiler
Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows7 with g77 compiler

with NONMEM7 on:
MacOS and Windows XP with ifort (Intel Fortran) compiler
Ubuntu (Linux), WindowsXP and Windows7 with gfortran compiler

New documentation
-Installation instructions are found in psn_installation.pdf.

-In psn_configuration.pdf it is described how to
edit psn.conf to configure PsN correctly. Please read that
document before running PsN for the first time.
Old psn.conf files must be edited to work correctly with PsN3.

-The document known_bugs_and_workarounds.pdf lists the most commonly
encountered unfixed bugs and how to work around them.

Documentation can be downloaded from
User documentation is also found in PsN-Source/doc before installation,
and after installation in the doc subdirectory of the PsN installation

Received on Sun Oct 04 2009 - 07:26:25 EDT

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