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post-ACoP: How to train future pharmacometricians

From: Kimko, Holly [PRDUS] <HKimko>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 13:18:32 -0400


I attended the ACoP last week, where we talked about how to train future pharmacometricians -
Here is my thought I could not share due to lack of time during the meeting.

Local scientists in NJ area teach PK, PD and some basic M&S at a Pharmacy school for undergraduate and graduate students. Last year when I taught population analysis for 4 hours straight (with 10 minutes of bio-break) to the graduate students, they clearly showed their interest to learn, and we ended up going over the teaching material 1 more hour without any complaint from about 15 students. Of course, I emphasized the usefulness of the knowledge in getting an industry job at the beginning of the lecture.

We also have tried to form a full M&S graduate course at the school, but it has been difficult because of the fact that most of the faculties at the school have more pharmacology / pharmacogenomics oriented research interests, hence less interest in pharmacometrics: students need professors who can guide M&S exercises at school, not just adjunct professors who visits now and then….


I wonder if we can extend this NJ example to a Global University where Pharmacometrics - at least, concept - can be taught free of charge to students all over the world by pharmacometricians in industry, academia and regulatory agencies. Later, we may further consider to have a one-to-one mentoring program. AAPS supports webinars on many interesting topics. Maybe ACoP can support pharmacometrics webinar? Maybe National Science Foundation? Or, Bill Gates? :-)

Best wishes,
Holly Huicy Kimko

P.S.: Let's dream first... a good one...
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