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RE: The system cannot execute the specified program

From: Ludden, Thomas <Thomas.Ludden>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 15:13:37 -0400

The message you describe is usually the result of not having enough
memory available for the NONMEM 7 memory image. If you are using the
"big" version of SIZES you may need about 1.6-2 GB of available memory
for each job. For the efficient use of NONMEM 7's new methods more
variables are now stored in memory than was the case for NONMEM VI. The
memory image is larger even if one is not using the new methods.
When using NONMEM 7 and the "reg" SIZES, I have been able to run 8 jobs
simultaneously on a dual processor dual core machine, but only 3-4 jobs
when using the "big" version of SIZES depending upon what else is
running. I have 3 GB of memory and the task manager indicates a maximum
of about 7.4 GB via paging.

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Subject: [NMusers] The system cannot execute the specified program

> Hello NONMEM Users,
> We have a computer with 4 processors. When I try to run more
> than 3 NONMEM7 jobs, I am getting the following message:
> Starting nonmem execution ...
> The system cannot execute the specified program.
> KP9022.OUT
> newline
> 1 file(s) copied.
> Could Not Find H:\4\output
> The message is code and directory independent. It always
> appears when I try to run more than 3 codes. When I test
> nonmem7 using a laptop, which also has 4 processors, I can
> execute 4 programs. Also, when I had NONMEM6, I did not have
> this problem on the same machine.
> Do you familiar with this problem? Thanks.
> Pavel

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