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Re: The system cannot execute the specified program

From: Nick Holford <n.holford>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 16:29:31 +1300

For 32 bit Windows systems with 4GB of RAM then only 2GB of RAM is
accessible to applications. The other 2 GB is taken by the Windows
Kernel. It is possible to give more RAM to applications using the
boot.ini /3GB switch but this is only effective if the applications (eg.
NONMEM) are specifically enabled to take advantage of this:

"Executables that can use the 3-GB address space are required to have
the bit IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE set in their image header. To set
this bit, you must use Microsoft Visual Studio Version 6.0 or later and
the Editbin.exe utility, which has the ability to modify the image
header (/LARGEADDRESSAWARE) flag."

It should be possible to run editbin after you have created a NONMEM.exe
but before you run it. This might allow more NONMEM runs to work on the
same machine. But I cannot find a clear statement that LAA is helpful to
run several instances of an application or if it only helps for one

My limited comparisons of NONMEM 6 and NONMEM 7 indicate that NONMEM 7
is usually slower and may take a lot more RAM. So unless you really need
to use a NONMEM 7 feature you will get more work done using NONMEM 6.


Leonid Gibiansky wrote:
> > You may need to increase your RAM to 6GB to solve this problem.
> but keep in mind that on a 32-bit Windows machine it makes no sense to
> go beyond 4 GB (computer will not be able to work with it any way).
> Leonid
> --------------------------------------
> Leonid Gibiansky, Ph.D.
> President, QuantPharm LLC
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> tel: (301) 767 5566
> Sam Liao wrote:
>> According to ICON, this is due to the size of the RAM on your PC. If
>> you have less than 3 GB of RAM and running the ‘big’ nm7 job, it will
>> not allow you to run more than 2 jobs at once. You may need to
>> increase your RAM to 6GB to solve this problem.
>> Best regards,
>> Sam Liao
>> Pharmax Research
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>> > Hello NONMEM Users,
>> > We have a computer with 4 processors. When I try to run more
>> > than 3 NONMEM7 jobs, I am getting the following message:
>> > Starting nonmem execution ...
>> > The system cannot execute the specified program.
>> > KP9022.OUT
>> > newline
>> > 1 file(s) copied.
>> > Could Not Find H:\4\output
>> >
>> > The message is code and directory independent. It always
>> > appears when I try to run more than 3 codes. When I test
>> > nonmem7 using a laptop, which also has 4 processors, I can
>> > execute 4 programs. Also, when I had NONMEM6, I did not have
>> > this problem on the same machine.
>> > Do you familiar with this problem? Thanks.
>> > Pavel
>> >

Nick Holford, Professor Clinical Pharmacology
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