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RE: The system cannot execute the specified program

From: Jurgen Bulitta <jbulitta>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 22:58:54 -0400

Dear Tom,
Dear All,

For those of us who prefer project specific NONMEM installations to save es=
timation time,
it might be helpful, if ICON can provide some rough guidance on the main co=
to the RAM needs of NONMEM 7.
I.e. is it primarily the number of observations, compartments, thetas, omeg=
as, or
another variable or some function of these variables?

The following might be very cumbersome: Would it be possible to include a s=
during the installation which disables certain NONMEM 7 features to save RA=
(I recognize that this might cause a lot of unpredictable software issues.)
Dual CPU servers currently have around 8-18 RAM slots. 2 and 4 GB RAM chips=
reasonably priced. Thus, on the 64-bit server side, this is probably a mino=
r issue.

Best wishes

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Subject: RE: [NMusers] The system cannot execute the specified program


The message you describe is usually the result of not having enough memory =
available for the NONMEM 7 memory image. If you are using the "big" versio=
n of SIZES you may need about 1.6-2 GB of available memory for each job. F=
or the efficient use of NONMEM 7's new methods more variables are now stor=
ed in memory than was the case for NONMEM VI. The memory image is larger e=
ven if one is not using the new methods.
When using NONMEM 7 and the "reg" SIZES, I have been able to run 8 jobs sim=
ultaneously on a dual processor dual core machine, but only 3-4 jobs when u=
sing the "big" version of SIZES depending upon what else is running. I hav=
e 3 GB of memory and the task manager indicates a maximum of about 7.4 GB v=
ia paging.


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Subject: [NMusers] The system cannot execute the specified program
> Hello NONMEM Users,
> We have a computer with 4 processors. When I try to run more
> than 3 NONMEM7 jobs, I am getting the following message:
> Starting nonmem execution ...
> The system cannot execute the specified program.
> KP9022.OUT
> newline
> 1 file(s) copied.
> Could Not Find H:\4\output
> The message is code and directory independent. It always
> appears when I try to run more than 3 codes. When I test
> nonmem7 using a laptop, which also has 4 processors, I can
> execute 4 programs. Also, when I had NONMEM6, I did not have
> this problem on the same machine.
> Do you familiar with this problem? Thanks.
> Pavel

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