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IMI 2009: Drug/Disease Modelling; Open Information Day: 17th Nov 2009, Brussels

From: Lutz Harnisch <Lutz.O.Harnisch>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 08:27:18 +0100

Drug/Disease Modelling: Library & Framework (DDMLF): IMI 2009 Call Topic 7

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is a unique pan-European
public-private partnership aiming to foster collaboration between large and
small biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies, regulators, academia and
patients aimed at promoting pre-competitive pharmaceutical research and
development. An essential goal of the IMI initiative is the improvement of
knowledge management.


Significant gaps and inconsistencies exist in knowledge integration across
the various phases of pharmaceutical development. This is largely
attributable to the inherent complexity associated with assimilating such
disparate information, and hinders efficiency and innovation.


Modelling and Simulation (M&S) is a discipline growing in importance across
all stages of pharmaceutical development, optimising tasks such as target
feasibility analyses, characterisation of drug/disease properties, and
prediction of clinical trials and integrating information to allow informed
decision-making in a quantitative context. However, M&S technologies build
on many data sources, formats and tools either proprietary or incompatible
with one another. This impedes the ability of stakeholders (industry,
academia and regulatory authorities) to effectively leverage and share
knowledge about drug, disease, placebo and trial design properties, and
ultimately impairs the evaluation of efficacy and safety of new medicines.


With a view to addressing this, a call topic proposing the development of a
Drug and Disease Modelling Library and Framework has been included as part
of the Knowledge Management pillar of the 2009 IMI Calls. Briefly, this
topic proposes the development of the following:

* a public and freely available Library for drug/disease models, to
streamline the re-use and sharing of existing pharmacometric, statistical
and systems biology models and code,

* a software Framework to facilitate exchangeability and

* a set of common standards and languages describing pharmacometric
and systems biology data and models,

* and a set of disease prototypes across various disease areas,
serving as Proofs of Concept


When working in concert, these will provide the necessary infrastructure for
integration and sharing of knowledge in a quantitative drug development


Full details of the call topic are provided from the IMI website at Details of the rules for
participation, and the call process, are at


Funding for the project, will be provided by IMI (projected to be EUR 9
million for a duration of 5 years) and matched by an equal amount provided
through the EFPIA Consortium as in-kind contributions (expertise, employee
time, and relevant data).


An IMI Open Information Day has been scheduled for November 17, 2009 in
Brussels in order to provide potential applicants from academic teams, SMEs
and other interested entities with practical information regarding the
preparation of expressions of interest in response to the new call. All
those interested are welcome to attend - an agenda and an online
registration form are available at


Hope to see you there!


Best regards


Lutz Harnisch and Justin Wilkins

for the EFPIA Steering Committee


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