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RE: FW: NONMEM VI 2.x Bug Alert #2 and NONMEM 7.1.0 Bug Alert #1

From: Sam Liao <sliao>
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 11:49:55 -0400

Dear Tom:
I have a question on the different results from NM5.1 vs. NM6.20. I have PK
data fitted by a two-compartment open model with first-order absorption.
The results from NM5.10 and NM6.20 are quite different in that all BSV of
CL/F, V2/F, V3/F, etc were smaller, yet the proportional residue was higher
(49% vs. 36%) in NM5.10. It appears to me that the results from NM6.20 has
better estimates than that from NM5.10. However, the objective function
from NM5.1 is much smaller than that from NM6.20. Can we compare the
objective function from these two version of NM? I know there were changes
made in the Laplacian method and FOCI.

Best regards,

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Subject: [NMusers] FW: NONMEM VI 2.x Bug Alert #2 and NONMEM 7.1.0 Bug Alert

It has been found that the NONMEM VI 2.x fix for the SS=2 bug described
in the previous Bug Alert (see below) can, in certain cases, result in:
1) the program hanging when the initial steady-state feature is used
with SS=2
2) the failure to provide the intended steady-state dose when SS=2 is
At this time, problem 2) has only been observed with ADVAN12.

If you have made the fix to PRED.for or installed the fixed routine
provided at the IDS ftp site it should be backed out.


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From: Ludden, Thomas
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Subject: NONMEM VI 2.x Bug Alert #2 and NONMEM 7.1.0 Bug Alert #1


Two bugs that affect NONMEM VI and NONMEM 7.1.0 have recently been
Fixes and fixed routines are available for NONMEM VI 2.x as
described below. After all code changes listed here and in NONMNEM VI
Bug Alert #1 (see
for a cumulative list) are made, the nm\BLKDAT.for routine should be
The value of LEV in BLKDAT should be changed to 2.2. All routines in
nm, pr and tr
directories should be recompiled. Rerun the CDsetup6.bat or SETUP
script from the
installation directory using the same arguments used for the original
with the exception of the last argument. This argument should be y to
indicated the
need to recompile.

Fix code for NONMEM 7.1.0 will be made available soon.

The NONMEM Development Team



There is a PREDPP bug in pr/PRED.for (NONMEM VI 2.x) and pr/PRED.f90
(NONMEM 7.1.0) that affects the behavior of the steady-state (SS) data
item when:

1) SS has a value of 2


2) the record with SS=2 precedes all other records with a non-zero SS
data item in an individual record or after a reset record, EVID=3 or 4.

The bug causes the steady state dose to be applied twice.

Fix for NONMEM VI 2.x:

In pr/PRED locate
      GO TO 2200

Change the test from .NE. to .GE.

      GO TO 2200

A fixed subroutine is available at

To access this folder point your browser to and login.

user: nonmemvi
password: updates

then open the folder named NONMEM_VI_fixed_routines.
The fixed PRED.for routine is in the subfolder named PREDPP_14OCT2009


1) If SS=2 is the first record of the individual
record, then a work around is to specify the AMT value on the
affected record to be one-half the intended dose.

Or, the $PK block could be modified instead. Suppose there is only
one steady state dose record having SS=2, and the dose is for
compartment 1.

IF (SS.EQ.2) F1=.5

2) If SS=2 is used in a subsequent record (with a change in TIME) and it
is not preceded by a record with a non-zero value for SS then there is
workaround. This situation occurs when a transient dose precedes the
state dose.

Suggestion: The behavior of the steady-state data item, even in the
absence of the bug, is relatively complex. A user planning to
incorporate the
SS data item into a data set should review Chapter V, Section F of
Guide VI, PREDPP, and Chapter 6, Section 8.2.3 of Guide V, Introductory



There is a bug in NONMEM VI 1.x & 2.x and NONMEM 7.1.0 that results in
the spurious error message below, or a similar message, when certain
band symmetric matrices are defined in $OMEGA.


Fix for NONMEM VI 2.x requires changes to several subroutines.

The fixed subroutines are available at

To access this folder point your browser to and login.

user: nonmemvi
password: updates

then open the folder named NONMEM_VI_fixed_routines.
The fixed CN.for, CN1.for, CN2.for, RESCN.for, and RSCN.for routines are
in the subfolder named NONMEM_14OCT2009.


None is available.
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