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RE: Customize the design aspects of the VPC plots in xpose

From: martin <m.g.johnson>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 23:08:09 +0200

Hi Mahesh,

Question A:
We need to change the strip function to customize the names (labels). Please
see the command as below

xpose.VPC ("vpc1/vpc_results.csv", vpctab="vpc1/vpctab1",PI="NULL",
by="STRT","area", PI.real=TRUE,type="p",main ="Visual
Predictive Check\nPSY-xxxx Study",pch=16,PI.limits=c(0.05,0.95),
strip=strip.custom(factor.levels=c("Dose:10 mg","Dose:20 mg","Dose:30 mg"),

Question B: Please try xlb, ylb instead of xlab and ylab to change the axis
labels. This one works with my run.

Question C: I do not know.

Martin Johnson
PhD Student
University of Groningen,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 50 363 7627
Fax: +31 50 363 3247
Room: (3211) 4.73
E-mail: M.G.Johnson

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Subject: [NMusers] Customize the design aspects of the VPC plots in xpose

I am trying to customize the design aspects of the VPC plots being made
with xpose after a PsN run. This is how far I have reached:

xpose.VPC ("vpc1/vpc_results.csv", vpctab="vpc1/vpctab1",
PI="NULL", by="STRT","area", PI.real=TRUE,type="p",main ="Visual
Predictive Check\nPSY-xxxx Study",pch=16,PI.limits=c(0.05,0.95))

I need to make a few changes and I am hoping someone could help me:

a) I need to change the multi-panel strip header. Instead of the numbers
under STRT I wish to use "Dose: X mg"
b) xlab and ylab don't work. How can I rename the x and y axis
c) I need to change the units of the X and Y axis values (need to change
time from hours to days). DV is log-transformed and I wish to retain the
y-axis on a log scale but the values of the Y-axis should be displayed
in concentration (ng/mL, instead of the current log-transformed values).

Please help,

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