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PaSiPhIC update

From: Cirincione, Brenda <Brenda.Cirincione>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 08:48:11 -0700

The PaSiPhIC planning committee is pleased to announce an exciting
opportunity immediately following the PaSiPhIC. Uppsala Pharmacometrics
will be offering their course "Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modeling
of Continuous and Categorical data in NONMEM 7 (A NONMEM Workshop for
intermediate and advanced users)" from June 17th - June 19th in San Luis
Obispo, CA, just following PaSiPhIC. The course is not affiliated with
PaSiPhIC and requires separate registration. Please visit for
more information about the course. Also, please visit to find out more about PaSiPhIC.
PaSiPhIC is also pleased to announce that the UCSF Department of
Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences have agreed to co-sponsor the
event along with the Cal Poly Department of Statistics. It is very
exciting to have two great universities sponsor PaSiPhIC.

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