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RE: negative iteration numbers in .ext files

From: Bachman, William <William.Bachman>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 08:09:18 -0400

Andreas, you are not alone. We all have negative iterations. They are
just flags for the final parameter estimates (-1000000000) and their
standard errors (-1000000001) that can be used as parsing tags for other

I could not quickly find where this is documented.


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Subject: [NMusers] negative iteration numbers in .ext files

Does anyone else have the 'feature' of negative iteration numbers in the

.ext file that nonmem writes?
Mostly the values are similar or identical to the preceding lines but
always (see example below).
I am using nonmem 7.1.2 with gfortran 4.5.0, installed with nmqual 7.1.0

on Windows XP.

Thanks for any clues.


TABLE NO. 1: First Order Conditional Estimation with Interact
....OMEGA(10,10) OBJ
            0 2.70000E+02 7.00000E+01 7.00000E+00 3.00000E+00
0.00000E+00 17903.085422267555
           10 2.62990E+02 4.41321E+01 7.48823E+00 4.16453E+00
0.00000E+00 17596.998988682855
           20 2.30575E+02 7.98655E+01 7.36614E+00 1.19184E+01
0.00000E+00 17573.820822902107
           30 2.31353E+02 7.94068E+01 7.36395E+00 1.17636E+01
0.00000E+00 17573.797569595510
           40 2.31992E+02 7.88078E+01 7.38680E+00 1.16398E+01
0.00000E+00 17573.754599870816
  -1000000000 2.31992E+02 7.88078E+01 7.38680E+00 1.16398E+01
0.00000E+00 17573.754599870816
  -1000000001 1.27442E+01 1.15823E+01 1.56697E-01 3.27570E+00
1.00000E+10 0.0000000000000000

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