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Re: simluation Tmax Cmax AUC

From: Sebastien Bihorel <Sebastien.Bihorel>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 15:24:55 -0400


It looks like you are trying to derive the unknown values of KA, CL/F
and V/F from the known values of Tmax, Cmax and AUC (probably obtained
from a non compartmental analysis).

If that is really the case, you will need to know the values of the
half-life of elimination or the slope of elimination Ke to solve for Ka
and V/F (the following solutions assume a one-compartment model with
linear absorption and elimination):

CL/F = Dose/AUC

V/F = (CL/F)/Ke

KA = - (1/tmax)*ln[ exp(-ke*tmax) - (Cmax*V)/(F*dose) ]

If you don't know Ke, you will have to solve for V/F and Ka numerically,
prior to your simulation.


yhb5442387 wrote:
> Dear Nmuser:
> I would like to do a data simulation .The distributions of the drug
> population pharmaockinetics were assumed to be normal.But the profile
> that I have got is Tmax, Cmax,and AUC(the means and variances are
> already known),instead of Ka,CL,and V. What the $PK modification
> should I have to do in the model where the advan2 has been taken in
> the $subroutine.
> F=1.
> Any suggestion would be appreciated.
> Yours,ye hong bo
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