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Career oppertunity: Modeling & simulation position at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

From: Matt Onsum <monsum>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 16:07:25 -0500

Job Description :

Merrimack is looking for a highly-motivated computational biologist with a =
background in PK modeling and a strong interest in Systems Biology to join =
our efforts by collaborating in the development of mechanistic biochemical =
pathway models and linking them to PK models. Candidates with a strong back=
ground in cancer biology, PK modeling and biochemical pathway modeling are =
preferred. The individual will be part of an interdisciplinary group that a=
pplies systems biology to patient enrichment and drug development in oncolo=

The successful candidate shows an interest in new technologies, quantitativ=
e biology and in applying mathematical models to cancer research. We are lo=
oking for an individual who is flexible, wants to change the way drug disco=
very is traditionally done and has a highly innovative mindset.

Some of the main responsibilities include collaboration in the development =
of the company's mathematical models and use of software-engineering techni=
ques to develop and maintain the quality of models, associated software, an=
d data. Also, the successful candidate will regularly document work in our =
electronic lab notebook system, present the work at regular company meeting=
s, and prepare graphs, figures, and tables of data for presentation.
Job Requirements :

Successful candidates are likely to have a PhD in chemical or biomedical en=
gineering, computational biology, biophysics, computer science, or applied =
mathematics. A master's degree with appropriate experience might also be su=

The candidate must have tackled medium- to large-scale mathematical models =
of biological phenomena (e.g., signaling pathways, transcriptional regulato=
ry networks, biophysical simulations), and ideally linked these to PK model=
s. We also require knowledge of numerical solution of ODEs and multi-parame=
ter optimization. Some familiarity with, and interest in further understand=
ing, the concepts of molecular biology as applied to transcriptional and po=
st-translational regulatory networks and their disregulation in cancer will=
 be required.

Most importantly, successful candidates must be able to engage colleagues i=
n cross-disciplinary scientific discussion, write about own work, and colla=
borate within and across multidisciplinary teams. They will be flexible and=
 results-oriented. Must be able to quickly formulate and test ideas in a sc=
ripting language (e.g., MATLAB, Python).

Knowledge of statistical distributions and hypothesis testing, machine-lear=
ning algorithms (e.g., PLSR, support-vector machines, decision trees) would=
 be useful, though not essential.

Some familiarity with software engineering tools (e.g., CVS, Subversion, un=
it tests) and parallel/distributed computing environments would be a plus.
If you are interested, please visit:

Received on Wed Feb 03 2010 - 16:07:25 EST

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