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PaSiPHIC Update - Get Ready to Register

From: Cirincione, Brenda <Brenda.Cirincione>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 07:39:49 -0800

1st Annual PaSiPHIC (Pacific Coast Statisticians and Pharmacometricians =
Innovation Conference) -- Narrowing the distribution between stochastic =
scientists by bringing Statisticians and Pharmacometricians together

Event Dates: Monday June 14 - Wednesday June 16
City: San Luis Obispo State: California Country: USA

We will soon have a registration page and web page available, but we =
wanted to give you an idea of our progress.

The program is in planning. Participants will be able to choose to =
attend 2 of 4 brief tutorials (each 3 hours in length.) Details of the =
courses are not finalized, but we hope to announce soon. In addition, =
there will be eight (1 hour) sessions planned. Some of these we =
expect will be of extra interest to statisticians, some we expect will =
be of extra interest to pharmacometricians, and the rest we anticipate =
will be of interest to both. The names of the 8 sessions follow.

Benefits from Pharmacometrics, Drug Safety and Pharmacometrics, =
Inference from Multiple Data Sources, Handling Incomplete Information, =
Impact of Emerging Technologies on PK-PD, Case Studies: =
Pharmacometricians and Statisticians Working in Partnership, Increasing =
Flexibility in Model Building, and Career Development for =
Pharmacometricians and Statisticians

Although we have begun to line up speakers, not all of the slots are =
filled. If you have an interest in speaking on one of these topics, let =
us know. We might be able to use you.

Also, as a reminder, the joint keynote speakers are Joga Gobburu =
(Director of Pharmacometrics at the Food and Drug Administration) and =
Stephen Senn (Professor at the University of Glasgow Department of =
Statistics). The meeting will be held on the campus of Cal Poly and is =
sponsored by the Department of Statistics.

Registrants will receive 3 continental breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 1 =
dinner. The registration fee will be $399. Registration will continue =
through May 1st at which point an additional fee will be added.

Organizing Committee: Andrew Chow, Brenda Cirincione, Charles DuMond, =
Ying Lu, Carl Peck, Mark Peterson, Bob Smidt, Brian Smith, Chi-Hse Teng, =
Paolo Vicini, and Ouhong Wang

Contact Brian Smith for more details
Phone: 805 447-1378
Email: brismith

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