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An Exciting Modelling & Simulation Position at GSK

From: Chao Chen <chao.c.chen>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 21:24:57 +0200

Due to the unwavering commitment of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to model-based =
approaches in drug development, we are looking for a talented and motivated=
individual for an exciting position in the department of Clinical =
Pharmacology Modelling & Simulation (CPMS). The position will be based at =
our modern facilities in Stevenage, just outside London, UK.

By conducting mathematical and statistical modelling to understand disease =
and drug characteristics and performing computer simulation to optimise =
trial design, we integrate all existing data, both internal and in public =
domain, to enhance the quality and efficiency of knowledge generation and =
decision making. We provide crucial input to the design and implementation =
of clinical plans for compounds at all development stages, from prior to =
first in human to after regulatory approval. We play a key role in the =
design and interpretation of clinical studies to inform business decisions =
at critical milestones such as first in human, proof of concept, dose =
ranging and pivotal trials. We also write essential sections of regulatory =
submission documents and product prescribing information. Our ultimate =
remits are to assess the risks associated with the assets and their =
development programs, to identify the optimal dose on balance of efficacy =
and safety, and to assist commercial differentiation of our products. =
Publication and presentation at scientific conferences are strongly =
encouraged to publicise our work and to contribute to the advancement of th=
 science and methodology of quantitative approaches in drug development.

A doctorate degree, or equivalent, in a relevant field such as =
pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, statistics or engineering is required. So i=
 demonstrated knowledge in clinical pharmacology principles and experience =
in modelling and simulation methodologies. Good communication skills are =
essential for effectively influencing internal and external decision makers=
 A collaborative mindset is necessary for successful partnership with both =
internal scientists (such as biologists, statisticians and clinicians) and =
external consultants.

At GSK, we promote and reward high performance through innovation. As a =
member of the global CPMS team, you'll have the challenges and opportunitie=
 of exploring, learning and utilising state-of-the-art methodologies to =
enhance the quality and efficiency of drug development. We also offer highl=
 competitive benefits and compensation packages that are designed to attrac=
 and retain the very best. If you are interested in this position, please =
visit<> quoting Req. ID 60416.
Should you require more information about the role, please contact Chao =
Chen: chao.c.chen

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