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RE: g77 Problem

From: Serge Guzy <GUZY>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 11:02:22 -0700

Dear Lloyd
I suggest you to edit locally the path for bin and lib. I had a similar
problem with SADAPT depending on the compiler I was using (g95 in my
You create a small script that includes the bin and lib path. For
example, here is the script I used to force g95 to work with sadapt. In
the set path, I had to both add the bin and lib path. This had to be
done with Vista bit not XP.
Serge Guzy; PhD
President, CEO; POP_PHARM


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Good ideas. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention in my first email that I
checked the environment variables and I have
LIBRARY_PATH=c:\g77\lib (this is where I have g77 installed) and
C:\g77\bin is in the PATH.

Any other ideas will be appreciated.


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the linker seems unable to find the library files to link them all
together with your code.
I suspect there are some environment variables missing on your system.
Open a DOS window and enter set

If you do not see a line that looks similar to
that might well be the problem.
You should also have an entry in PATH similar to c:\g77\g77-2.95-mrg\bin

Right-click on "My computer", select System Properties, Advanced,
Environment variables, and add the specs for your system.


"Lloyd Whitfield" <lwsolutions
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06/28/2010 04:14 PM


[NMusers] g77 Problem

I have been using NONMEM VI with the g77 Fortran compiler on a Dell
running Vista since last year with no problems. After not using NONMEM
for some time, I tried to run a previously successful control file
yesterday and the job wouldn?t run. I suspected that the problem might
with the g77 compiler so I attempted to test g77 installation by
and running the ?hello.for? test file as described in the NONMEM
installation instructions. When I attempted to compile the file from a
command, I got the following:
C:\nmvi2\run>g77 hello.for -o hello.exe
Info: resolving __fmode by linking to __imp___fmode (auto-import)
Info: resolving __fpreset by linking to __imp___fpreset (auto-import)
ndefined reference to `__cpu_features_init'
ndefined reference to `_pei386_runtime_relocator'
fu000001.o:(.idata$2+0xc): undefined reference to `libmsvcrt_a_iname'
fu000002.o:(.idata$2+0xc): undefined reference to `libmsvcrt_a_iname'
fu000004.o:(.idata$2+0xc): undefined reference to `libmsvcrt_a_iname'
fu000005.o:(.idata$2+0xc): undefined reference to `libmsvcrt_a_iname'
nmth000000.o:(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to `_nm___fmode'
nmth000003.o:(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to `_nm___fpreset'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
I reinstalled the g77 compiler and ran the hello.for file and got the
same message again as shown above. As I have had a problem with bad RAM
the laptop before, I tested the RAM and found that the ram was fine. I

have no idea what the message means. If anyone has had this experience
before or could offer a suggestion on what I might try to overcome the
problem, I would be greatly appreciate any suggestions.
Lloyd Whitfield

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